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My Amazing Clients who have become Family❤️

Most of you may know that I work in a salon and I specialize in hair growth!! Have you ever had a job that you love so much? I truly LOVE what I do and the relationship that I have with each one of them!! The love they have for me is sometimes overwhelming!! It’s so real and genuine to the point we can’t do nothing but call each other family!! Each week my clients/family and I see results from their hair treatments, we cuts up!! 😂 literally running, crying, just grateful to God because he promised many of them that he will restore their hair and to be used by God to help in that department is amazing! Luke 21:18 says not a hair on our head will perish. That scripture is what I stand on for all of you who are using my products, who come to me and get hair treatments or anybody that’s facing hair loss! I stand firm on that and I believe God & guess what my clients believe that as well and that’s the reason we get the results we get!! That’s all!! I had to vent about this!! Y’all continue to have a BLESSED evening!!


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Hi friends I am a huge fam of Elevations. I was introduced to this product line by hairstylist Chunsay 🤦🏽‍♀️ she’s going to kill me for spelling her name wrong. Any whooo… I experienced chemical trauma to my hair. Experiencing hair loss around the edges. I was stress by Chunsay asked me trust her and I did. Within days I saw results. Thankful to her and the owner of this product I have gained a mentor for my hair regimen and my spirit. ❤️



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