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Elevation Health and Hair Growth Challenge Day 17

Good morning!! It’s day 17 of the the challenge. How many of you are actually participating in this? I know it’s hard to start something and stay dedicated to it but remember God is with us and through him all things are possible! 2022 is the year of leveling up and everybody wants the fruits but how are going to enjoy any fruits of our labor sick. A sick mind and a sick body! During this challenge you should renewing your mind set. I say that because it’s the mind that creates the actions. Until our mind is made up then we will move!!! So today let’s get up this morning and talk to God. Ask him questions

. He answers back. Read a daily devotion, Journal, oh and my favorite, listen to some Gospel music. That will definitely start your day off amazing. Those are just a few ideas and please comment below. Leave suggestions for others!! As the old saying goes, each on teach one!! I pray that you all have an amazing day today!! One more thing, be a blessing today! Someone somewhere is going through something and you are the very person that can put a smile on their face!!! I adore u all! Be Blessed and Have an Amazing Day❤️

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