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Hi! I’ve decided to blog treatment services on clients who don’t mind sharing their all around experience! As you know, Elevation was called Mo’Hair Regrowth System at first! My goal was to cater to the name.. we all know the story about hubby, my first client.

I was so impressed. I wasn’t expecting those type of results. Next let’s try babies. It is all natural right?

But when u get clients that had been having treatments done at the the doctor which made it worst and your products and hands did this...

Let’s me know I’m on the right path for helping us all! I will be sharing everything with you guys on maintaining long healthy hair and a healthy scalp!! Now after seeing these quick results it was only right to call Mo’Hair, Elevation ( thanks to Jason)! So Let’s Stimulate your Scalp and Elevate your Hair The Healthy way! The all Natural, Chemical free way!!

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